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News \ DelConsulting appoints François Lestini as his new Chief Operating Officer


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DelConsulting appoints François Lestini as his new Chief Operating Officer

DelConsulting announced today the appointment of François Lestini as his Chief Operating Officer. Under the governance of Jean-François Guillaume, Chief Executive Officer, he will oversee day-to-day operations of the company.

With more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunication industry François joined DelConsulting in 2008 as a freelance consultant. Prior to this, François also spent 20 years in the customer services area for American Express and Visa.
“I’m excited to have François managing our company,” said Jean-François Guillaume.” We will greatly benefit from François´s background and experience. His knowledge and leadership as an industry veteran are major assets in building and expanding DelConsulting.”
“I’m honored to be a part of DelConsulting” said François Lestini. “I’m looking forward to managing a strong and dedicated team.”

More about DelConsulting:

Founded in 1998, DelConsulting supplies people solutions to telecommunication providers, radio-vendors and contractors seeking for expertise in network rollout (BSS, NSS etc.), operation and maintenance, as well as in supply chain management. It also contributed to the specification of the rollout and site management modules of ClickOnSite, the network information system of

Moreover, the expertise and knowledge of its Consulting Partners cover mobile network development, procurement, telecom strategies, business modelling and operational efficiency. This group of experts supplies a full range of solutions, from management consulting to implementation and maintenance, leveraging a strong heritage of program/project management capabilities to deliver the right solutions at the right time and at the best price.

The company operates on a global scale through several subsidiaries in Europe, a branch in the US, and a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East.


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