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It took awhile, but we have started to feel the hit of the economical crisis at the level of telecom contractors, recruitment and staffing companies.

All of the sudden, it has hit us…here it is, with the same symptoms as in 2001: demands are scarce, customers negotiate payment terms again, some pay late, and unfortunately some do not pay at all!
Some say, “Future is bright” …”personally; I see it getting dark” comments J.Perret, associate of DelConsulting. “But let’s face it; we are all getting exposed to it, so the essential is to address the issue properly and fight it”.

At DelConsulting, reduce costs or control them better is our first immediate answer; goodbye continental trips, we will now sell at our door place and/or will manage to do it by phone: thank you Skype, in some cases we could even contact customers for free.
Then, we need to sell more; well the office should soon look like a “broiler room” where we push our sales force to the extend of its capacity…
Above all, we need to look for the support of our network; not our connections on LinkedIn, Viadeo and other Xing, but people we really know, with whom we have history, who share our values and trust the quality of our services; Slowly, we go back to basics realizing that our business is above all a people business where the 1 to 1 relationship overpowers corporate aspects, where solidarity prevails on procurement guidelines, where people have the opportunity to show they are somebody.

So customers, be responsible, pay for good executive search services, strive for quality consultants, for reputed telecom experts, come to us, request the excellence, buy top services at DelConsulting, and please pay your bills!


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