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News \ DelConsulting to launch new service: TRANSMISSION EXPERTISE


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DelConsulting to launch new service: TRANSMISSION EXPERTISE

Today, DelConsulting has announced the extension of its services to transmission support & expertise, challenging equipment vendors on price and quality.
The service has been inaugurated in Cameroon where DelConsulting is offering a introductory fee for five days audit followed by a remote study and the preparation of a turnaround proposal.

The main objectives of the service are:

- To develop and improve the transmission network to the applicable telecommunications standards
- To review and check consistencies of the transmission network expansions and to anticipate migrations towards the future telecommunications technologies
- To support the transmission engineering planning activities
- To optimize the cost of the transmission network while maintaining its quality and performances

The service includes “Local transmission support” and “Remote transmission support” and covers:

- Transmission Engineering planning (PDH, SDH, Vsat, etc.)
- Local technical assistance

- Review of the transmission engineering plans
- Review of the transmission engineering budget plans
- Supply of transmission engineering plans submission templates (documents, databases structure and layouts)
- Supply of web and phone conferences access
- Supply of secure web and FTP access (for data exchanges)
- Mail and phone technical assistance

This new solution by DelConsulting brings numerous benefits:

- Reduce and control operating costs
DelConsulting’s lower structure costs, which results from a greater specialization and working remotely, reduces telecom provider’s operating costs and increases its competitive advantage. The charged daily rate is by far lower than the major vendors’ (Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei, etc.) that ultimately turn to DelConsulting when they are short in resources.

- Improve your focus
By having operational functions assumed by outside experts, the operator staff can focus on its core business, freed from devoting energy to areas that are not in its expertise.

- Access to existing capabilities
DelConsulting continuously makes investments in technology, methodologies and people. The company gains expertise by working with many clients facing similar challenges. This combination of specialization and expertise gives the operator a competitive advantage and helps him avoid the cost of chasing technology and training.

- Accelerate reengineering benefits
Reengineering aims for dramatic improvements in critical measures of performances such as costs, quality and speed. But the need to increase efficiency can come into direct conflict with the need to invest in core business. As non-core internal functions are continuously put on the back burner, systems become less efficient and less productive.


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