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News \ Because at DelConsulting the person is in the center of recruitment, I had the chance to join the telecom industry...


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Because at DelConsulting the person is in the center of recruitment, I had the chance to join the telecom industry...

Interview of Frederic Mirrione, after he started as a rigger on 16 August 2007 at DelConsulting in Slovakia. Today, he contributes to building GSM, GPRS, UMTS and transmission sites, to the maintenance of a wireless network and he is following extensive IT courses to soon be able to support DelConsultingís wide range of services.

*** Mister Frederic, could you describe yourself?

Iím a French journalist of 38 years old who decided last year to turn the page and dive in the telecom world.

***How come you work in the mobile telecommunication industry today?

Well I wanted to experience and share new things and most of all I wanted to work abroad.

***You just came back from Slovakia where youíve worked for Delconsulting?!

Indeed. They trusted me for this first assignment. I worked on site were I was building new sites for O2 or Telefonica. We were also updating old sites.

***How did you meet the challenge?

Delconsulting, via its branch, has a strong background in Slovakia. Theyíve been working there for almost 10 years now. The teams are extremely competent; the people there know very well their business. Working in a team of competent people helps a lot. They know how to make you feel confident.

***Things seem easy!

(Laughs) They are! My biggest challenge was to climb an 80-meter tower for the first time!

***Isnít that a bit dangerous for a first time climber?

It could be but Delconsulting offered me a course in high work securities. So I wasnít unprepared. And you know when you work in a team, you put asides your fears and climb like the rest of them. I know I could have stayed on the ground, since nobodyís pushing you to go. But like I said it was teamwork, and at the end it feels great when youíre on top. King of the world! (Laughs)

***Whatís the interest for Delconsulting, working with people who come from such a different background?

Delconsulting has a family view. Everybody knows everybody. Itís kind of like Delconsulting Slovakia. You donít let people down who share the same view as yours. When you have to trust somebody whoís going to work for you in Africa or Eastern Europe for a long mission, you must be confident in his aptitude to give the very best of himself. You must trust him to find solutions when problems arise. Knowing somebody personally helps you that way. My background has a strong influence. Iíve known different places, different way of working. But since the beginning, Iíve felt at home working with the people at Delconsulting. Itís a strong company with a lot of opportunities, when youíve got a strong commitment.

***So you invite people to send their CVís to Delconsulting, even if they have got no experience in the mobile phone business?

Indeed. New missions arise every time, and if youíre not afraid of working hard and live abroad for several months, Delconsulting is an excellent place to be.


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