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3rd quarter results

Today, DelCom BV. released its preliminary financial results for the third quarter of 2007. They are marked by record consulting revenue driven by strong sales in key growth markets, improved net income, and a solid operating cash flow.

“Again we saw improved results in sales, income and cash flow this quarter, driven by the continued successful implementation of our business strategies,” said Jerome Perret, Managing Director. “In particular, our strong commitment to key growth markets in Africa paid off in strong growth and earnings. In Europe, we continue to make progress with our focus on staffing and structural cost reduction even though profitability remains much lower compared to the previous years."

Despite the performance and encouraging results of the second and the third quarter, an increase of up to 145 percent, DelCom has predicted a moderate outlook on the fiscal year of 2007 following the disappointing results of the first quarter ended on April 1. However, "we are encouraged that that our major restructuring is behind us and our marketing programs are beginning to get traction. “ Perret , said in a recent interview.

Thus, the company forecasts to post solid results for the first quarter of 2008 thanks to a more disciplined sales strategy, an improved sales follow-up, and the recent booking of contracts covering 2008.


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