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Delconsulting launches an affiliate program

DelConsulting launches an affiliate program to stimulate its promotion throughout the world. It is a way for DelConsulting to motivate partners and consultants to promote the business.

According to Wikipedia, the free web-base encyclopedia, an affiliate program is an advertising program offering a monetary incentive for the partners to drive sales.
The system is simple and efficient for both parts. The partners’ job is to promote DelConsulting services toward potential customer(s), on their website, on their blog, or both. Potential customers are all legal entities in the telecom sector with which DelConsulting has never concluded an agreement regarding staffing and consultancy services. DelConsulting takes then care of everything else: communicating with the customers, answering their questions, fulfilling their orders and finalize the sales.

Partners are rewarded for every consultant, project and sale provided through their efforts. It’s completely free to sell DelConsulting services; no dues, no membership fees, nothing to buy. Partners simply earn 25% commission on each sale that is generated by a customer who comes to DelConsulting as a result of their action. Moreover, no minimum number sales are required to be part of the program, and the sales goal is entirely up the partners.
“It is an easy way for telecom experts to earn an additional income. Moreover, sharing the responsibility for a sale is another manner to involve already known and new partners into the company business” Says Jerome Perret, director at DelConsulting. ‘We are sure the program will be a big success, and that it will appeal to many telecom experts, as we already have candidates, and we just launched it!” Perret concludes.


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