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DelConsulting’s intranet: an efficient tool to keep in touch with consultants

Since many years DelConsulting has built great relations with consultants thanks to an efficient intranet. This application called DelNet is accessible to all consultants in positions anywhere at any time.

According to Wikipedia an intranet “is a private computer network that uses Internet protocols, network connectivity to securely share part of an organization\"s information or operations with its employees”.

DelNet serves many purposes. Consultants can communicate easily with the company about their time sheets, expenses and holidays request. They can also be informed about DelConsulting policies and rules regarding their mission and the contract with the customers. Finally, a monthly news flash keeps them up-to-date about the latest news on taxes and on the telecom market evolution but also on DelConsulting’s consultants.

“It is an easy way to keep in touch and answer consultants needs, especially for those who work on the other side of the world,” says Louis Remy, DelConsulting human resource coordinator. “Communicating on a daily basis with a consultant in mission in the Philippines for instance would be almost impossible without the help of an efficient intranet”.

DelNet is an important tool for DelConsulting as it makes consultants management more effective and time saving. “Combined with good personal management, DelNet becomes a powerful tool for DelConsulting” Remy says. “It allows us to keep daily contact with all freelancers while they are in mission, keep them informed of the latest news”. Communication is one of the specific advantages that differentiates DelConsulting, and the company intends to keep going this way.

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