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News \ Increasing demand for telecom experts on the African GSM market


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Increasing demand for telecom experts on the African GSM market

DelConsulting is currently facing an increasing demand from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to send network experts to Africa whereas African operators themselves request more and more support from international telecom consultant in the area of strategy and marketing. This later development has brought the African telecom market at the center of DelConsulting’s strategy adjustment for 2007.

A quick look at the figures helps understand why: according to the statistics from the GSM Association (GSMA), 137.4 million out of 800 million African inhabitants hold a GSM subscription. These numbers show that the market is rather big considering that the Middle East holds 100.1 million subscribers, and USA and Canada combined 80.5 million.
These numbers also confirm that the mobile telecom market in Africa has a huge potential for expansion. Moreover, 30 operators are starting the deployment of 3G networks in 18 African countries, which will contribute to further development possibilities.
On a world base, one out of seven GSM connections is from Africa, and the demand is not slowing down. Regarding a report from Informa Telecoms & Media, the African GSM market has experienced a 39% growth last year. The statistics also show that some regions are growing faster than others such as West Africa with a subscriber’s increase of 58%. With 40 million subscribers, Nigeria is the biggest market for telecom in Africa.

Because of this potential and optimistic forecast, African and especially Western African markets attract ever more international operators from the Middle East and from Europe that lead OEM and contractors to intensify their local presence as well. For instance, France Telecom that was already based in Senegal is now expending to Mali, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau, the Finish product manufacturer Nokia opened subsidiaries in Senegal, and DelConsulting has reinforced its local presence through numerous partnerships in sub Sahara.
DelConsulting is also present throughout the local and continental media (press, internet etc.) bringing its contribution to Jeune Afrique, Northern and Southern African Wireless Communications and Balancing Act Africa.


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