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News \ DelConsulting and AllForSite join efforts in setting up a customer care department.


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DelConsulting and AllForSite join efforts in setting up a customer care department.

DelConsulting and AllForSite announced an alliance to provide telcos with integrated customer care. Under an agreement signed by the companies, Delconsulting and AllForSite will coordinate and consolidate their support to customers worldwide.

The agreement brings two companies with different businesses (equipment supply and supply chain management / consulting, staffing, and project management) together, offering complementary services to the network operators and service providers.

The objectives are clear and benefit both companies and their customers.
Firstly, through this alliance, DelConsulting and AllForSite can leverage the combined knowledge and experience better so to increase customer satisfaction, while lowering costs, accelerating revenue growth, and differentiating their products and services.
Moreover, they expect to use this new situation to deliver more value to their clients. “We developed a common customer care service to effectively address the need of our customers”, said Olivier Lespinasse, Service Support Manager for both companies. “Setting up a customer care department is a further extension of our commitment to providing quality services and increase satisfaction”.

Doing so, DelConsulting and AllForSite remind their dedication at providing their customers with the highest level of service by:
· Listening and focusing on key customers and areas
· Developing innovative and customized solutions
· Providing consistent global capabilities and management
· Responding rapidly by delivering new and ever improving services
· Building a relationship based on trust, respect and mutual understanding


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