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DelConsulting supports The Desperate Freelancer

With the beginning of 2007 a new blog appears on the World Wide Web. DelConsulting supports this unique blog with the intention to give consultants and freelancers a break from serious thinking and daily routine. Charles, the Desperate Freelancer, uses this mean of communication to show his sarcastic view on business life.

Blog is a phenomenon that appeared quite recently. According to Wikipedia (, “a blog is a kind of online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives”. It is used for opinion forming as people can answer and debate about the idea presented in the tickets.

Talking about his personal life is what Charles is doing in his English speaking blog that you will find at or . Charles is a French man of 61. He likes wine and grumbling, and has a very critical spirit about the consultancy business.
DelConsulting, the telecom consulting company, decided to support this blog after Louis Remy, who is in charge of recruitment, discovered Charles’ critical mind and funny personality. “We asked Charles to run this blog because of his great ability of entertaining an audience with his relaxed and wild tone of speech” Remy said. He adds “the blog also makes it easier for consultants to keep in touch with each other. After all, being a consultant at Del involves frequent missions overseas”.
DelConsulting highlights that keeping the integrity and freedom of speech of this blog is really important.

With his delirious writing, Charles aims at touching consultants in need of entertainment and who want to share their point of view with the crankiest and most eccentric old man trying to run a blog.

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