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2000 consultants have joined DelConsulting network

Today, DelCom BV has announced that its application database has reached 2000 resumes of highly skilled and experienced Telecom technicians, engineers, and managers. Louis Remy who is in charge of recruitment marks that most of the applicants hold positions in network rollout even though the company is starting to receive more and more applications from top managers with positions such as CTO and COO.

"Our candidates mainly come from various countries in the EU, Africa and the Middle East; in contrary to just a few candidates from Asia except for India and Pakistan" comments Remy.

The application database, which was launched 2 years ago, has become a real company asset that allows DelCom and DelConsulting to give their candidates a professional feedback when they answer to a job opportunity. It also accelerates candidate search and identification and consequently increases the company efficiency in supplying customers with suitable and available resources.

Besides project management, staffing activities has become part of our core business that represent 60% of our turnover since January 2006. "We supply a large number of RF and Optimization engineers to network operators and radio vendors, and of course we still staff operators with many civil work engineers who have historically made our reputation" Concludes Louis Remy.


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