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How Crickee works?

Some of our readers might remember our article about Skype…since then, the technology has become very popular and famous. The business model and consequently the company has become a planetary success.

So, is Crickee the next?

With Crickee users can send or receive "SMS" for FREE to or from anyone who has a mobile phone or an instant messaging account, to or from anywhere in the world.

Adopting Crickee is as easy as downloading a ringtone!
- Adopt Crickee in your mobile from Crickee`s website
- Add your buddies mobile phone numbers
- Start sending and receiving "SMS"

Don`t Worry! If your buddies do not have Crickee yet, Crickee gives you regular SMS to invite them!

There is no limit!
- Works with over 500 operators in more than 200 Countries
- Crickee is at home in over 700 different phones
- In 10 languages so far (…)

It’s Lifetime Free Guarantee!
- No trial or limited version
- No need to change phone, mobile operator or plan


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To adopt Crickee, please visit     


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