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Better intranet - new “DelNet”

Being a company in constant development, it is important to stay up to date. Therefore we have developed a new version of DelNet - our internal communication system, which will make our intranet work even better!

DelNet is a tool for people working in and for DelConsulting, including a permanent number of about 50 consultants working worldwide. Like the internet itself, intranets are used to share information and make it possible to work together in spite of geographical distances.

This new version of DelNet has many advantages, it is more convenient and provides more options!

Amongst the many new features:
· Implementation of new security system
· Implementation of new system for news and press releases, company information, rules and procedures
· New system for management of expenses
· New graphical design which is more user-friendly

The new DelNet is also closer to our consultants. They are now able to add information about contact person(s) in case of emergency, medical and/or other relevant information, directly into their personal details by themselves.

By using DelNet our consultants save time with interactive forms about holidays, expenses and time sheets, which can be managed quickly and effective.


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