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News \ Interview with Frederic working for DelConsulting at Mobistar, Belgium


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Interview with Frederic working for DelConsulting at Mobistar, Belgium

What is your actual position?
I am working as a radio design and optimization engineer 2G/3G in a dedicated area.

What is your daily job?
There are two main parts:

The design: according to the customer’s complaints and the input from marketing I identify the area where a new GSM/UMTS site is requested. I take the decisions concerning the exact location, and also the equipments meaning the type of mast, the antennas, the BTS and the settings. I also go \"on field\" with the subcontractor who builds the site. I give him all the technical radio information needed for the construction.

The optimization: as soon as the sites come ON AIR I analyze the statistics and I track, detect, analyze the problems and find a solution in order to solve them. To perform this task, we have several software tools, I cross the data to give a deeper analyses for the persons I send on field to resolve the detected problem.
We also have the possibility to optimize the site \"in Live\" from the workstation, after which we can see the behavior of the statistics a few hours later.
There are also some specific projects like the swap and the refresh of all the BTS’s of the network. Even if this task has been outsourced, I have to validate each site in a short delay.
As the traffic is increasing in the network we always have to add an electronic board in order to absorb all the calls from the clients.
I have also been involved in a special project, which was a trial for the operator, for the process to follow in term of optimization when we increase the output power of the BTS.
I am also responsible for the deployment of the mobile BTS during events (concerts, festivals, races, etc,...). This task is really important for my client and a mistake is definitely not allowed!

How did you find the job?
One of my friends knew Jérome Perret who was looking for people for a mission in a technical department of an operator.

What is a consultant and what does it mean everyday?
For me it was a challenge to become a consultant. Indeed, until my previous contract I have been a permanent employee.
When you are an independent worker you are working for you, that is what I like. Before to start, I was a bit afraid of all the administrative papers but I asked an accountant to take care of this and now I must say that it is quiet easy.
At this office I feel more pressure than in my previous job because the operator is my client and I have to bring a very good quality of service. It is not only concerning the work but also the relationship with the other people of the team.

What do you like in working at DelConsulting?
DelConsulting is not like a big factory! Everybody knows everybody or almost.
It is more like a family, it is very friendly, and I really like that.
The word that could define the feeling between DelConsulting and me is trust.

What are the objectives in your activity?
I have to deliver all the tasks in time and I must respect the deadlines. I have to show the impact of my work on the GSM network, which means decrease the number of drop calls, put the new sites ON AIR as soon as possible and improve the quality.

What are the results?
Sometimes I am a bit disappointed because I would like to optimize more but for different reasons it is not possible (cost or technical issue). However, to give you an example, this year I had to take care of the main event in the country, with two mobile BTS, which was the first time for the operator to install those two sites for the same event. The traffic was very high and I had to \"play\" with the features and parameters in order to absorb all the calls and earn a maximum amount of money for the operator. That was a success. My client was very happy.

Which initiatives can you take?
As I said previously, I implemented specific parameters and changed some settings. I try to show some new ways of working for specific tasks. But the client already has his own process and you do not have to change everything.
The idea is to suggest good arguments.

Which are the obstacles and their origin that may reduce your effectiveness?
The relationships between permanent people and consultants are not very good. It is due to the fact that for a lot of people being a consultant means making money! Maybe they are right, but it is also compatible with providing good work and a good image.

So some team members do not want to share technical information and they always blame consultants.

But for me it is not a problem. Why? Because I was permanent before and I made the choice to become consultant.
If you are not happy with your work you can change, it is always your own decision. Anyway, this will not decrease my motivation in this mission.

What are your strong points?
I like working in a team and the relationship with the colleagues. I always try to install a good atmosphere. This is the only way to improve the quality of your work. Indeed when people like you they will help you as soon as you need it.
I am not afraid of the workload and I stay late at the office until I finish my work.
When I detected a problem I go very deep to be sure about my analyses.

Your weak point?
As the workload is high, sometimes I would like to do everything in the same time!
So I make a ranking of the tasks to do.
I want to be sure of my analyses in my work so I spend more time than other people but anyway I leave a bit earlier.

What could we wish for you in the future?
I would like to continue with my mission because the job is very interesting, I am happy in the country where I work. Furthermore, we are more and more focused on the 3G, and we have some new tools so I need to learn them.


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