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News \ Are we customer oriented? by J.Perret (MD, DelConsulting)


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Are we customer oriented? by J.Perret (MD, DelConsulting)

A few days ago I met with a potential customer who asked at the end of our discussion: “what are the key strengths of DelConsulting?”. It took me a little while to answer, and looking back at my presentation I guess that I did not make myself clear enough, but that is not the point…

A couple of years ago, I would have answered, among other arguments, that we are CUSTOMER ORIENTED, but I do not say it anymore. Now, I simply reply, “we deliver what the customer orders” (assuming that we accept the order and consider the expected result achievable). I also add that we, at DelConsulting, do not focus on putting a nice frame around what we do, but that instead we strive on getting things done; and this is more than just an unconventional way to put it.

As a matter of fact, after many years of experience in this business I saw and I still see many small or large corporations claiming on their websites or PowerPoint presentations that they are customer oriented. In my opinion not everybody gives the same meaning to this qualification.

-On corporate level (perhaps a lot within radio vendors) some use it during high-level negotiation, but I believe that too often they care less if their proposal can be/or will be executed once it is sold.
-For consultancy companies this qualification is mainly used in mission statements, but the idea behind it rarely goes further than the door of their marketing department.
-For some parties the customer orientation even takes the direction of the customer wallet, the essential being to make the most profit.

Therefore, I conclude that it is not relevant anymore to claim that we are customer oriented.
It is far better to continue delivering value to our customers by simply going for the result, and getting things done.


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