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Enhance service quality

As far as we can guess, we assess that our consultant satisfaction lays around 70% while we reach a humble 60% customer satisfaction.
However, we aim at a ratio that looks more like 90/80…So, there is still a long way to go!
Therefore last June, our board of directors decided to launch an ambitious internal quality program called “ENHANCE SERVICE QUALITY” that has tackled the two following inter-related quality factors:

• Focus on consultant satisfaction
- Initiating closer follow-up:
- Appoint team leaders (providing monthly report)
- Quarterly mission review (standard questionnaire incl. Country, mission, DelConsulting etc.)
- Providing clear and complete rules of engagement
- Clear contract & mission order templates
- Rules, procedures, time sheet & holiday request available on the company Intranet
- Accelerating package review & increasing homogeneity among consultants

• Focus on customer satisfaction
- Proposing SLA (incl. backup function)
- Enhancing consultant quality awareness by publishing Golden Rules & News Flash focused on quality aspects
- Enforcing trainings (personal & site safety)
- Organizing weekly work shops with team members to agree on quality standards
- Initiating quality control of our own team members
- Increasing back office function & activity reports

We still have to achieve the following:

• Remaining steps
- Create procedures & reports to monitor customer satisfaction
- Organize quarterly business review with customer

Finally, we hope to refresh the company Intranet for the end of the year and propose on-line KPIs showing our company improvement/quality trend that is nothing else than the sum of-all-of-us’ efforts


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