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New contract award

DelConsulting and DelCom BV are proud to announce a new contract award with Mobistar, Belgium member of the Orange Group.

The outsourced project consists out of quality and safety control for every radio site swapped or refreshed by Nortel since the beginning of the Motorola BTS replacement in 2004. Thus, DelConsulting confirms its commitment to assist operators in reinforcing network quality.
“Back in the 60’s, our grandparents were happy to access a fixed line even though it was whistling and cracking. Not that long ago, in the 90’s, you and I were happy to get a mobile phone and we would easily forgive operators their poor coverage and quality. Time for mercy is over: market penetration exceeds 100% in most of the developed countries and quality becomes the number one criteria to keep customers on 2G. It becomes even more important for operators when attempting to capture customers for 3G. It is indeed foreseen that operators who do not deliver top quality voice services will encourage a large customer churn when customers will look for data services” said DelConsulting spokesman.
DelConsulting’s knowledge in site building, installation and commissioning, will also allow itself to provide trouble shooting and maintenance services prolonging the quality control and acceptance work.

DelConsulting reinforces its strategy in offering outsourced and turnkey network services instead of only staffing and long-term engineering assignment at the operator.


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