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News \ DelCom SRO receives its ISO-9001 Certification Renewal


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DelCom SRO receives its ISO-9001 Certification Renewal

DelConsultingóDelCom BV. today announced that their subsidiary DelCom SRO in Slovakia has received its ISO 9001 certification renewal.

DelCom SRO has been ISO certified since 2003. The ISO 9001 Standard is an internationally recognized quality management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 9001 assures through independent confirmation all design, product services and sales processes adhere to their rigid quality standards. ISO 9001 is a key element of DelConsulting"s strategy to provide competitively priced network rollout and maintenance services to mobile phone operators and radio vendor in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

"We not only want the competitively priced resources available from Central & Eastern Europe for our own emerging network rollout offerings, but also as an emerging rollout support service we can provide to other companies through DelCom BV. or DelConsulting LLC ( said Jerome Perret, Managing Director of Delconsulting. "Our Slovak operation is a key element of our differentiated ability to provide high quality, inexpensive network rollout & IT support services. Many Telecom operators & Consultancy companies are exploring the growing number of rollout support service offerings in Eastern Europe. However, the business culture differences between the former Comecon countries and western Europe are slowing down the growth of this market. DelCom in Slovakia has a very Western friendly business orientation with English or French as the company"s secondary language. We not only have a strong network rollout & IT support operation in Slovakia, but we have married the management of our Slovak joint venture with our Slovak operation. Slovakia is our gateway to Poland and Russia for network rollout resources. ISO 9001 creates a consistent standard for our company to work with Central & Eastern Europe rollout & IT support services."


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