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DelConsulting is providing integrated solution for telecommunications and other IT related services seeking for expertise in network rollout, operation and maintenance, as well as in management.through worldwide recognised experts and consultants.

DelConsulting concluded partnership and agreements with the world leading equipment manufacturers, telecom and satellite operators as well as services providers.

DelConsulting is participating in multiple international projects (Telecom 1 ,Telecom 2 , ESA, Eutelsat et MonacoSat).

Moreover, the expertise and knowledge of its Consulting Partners cover mobile network development, procurement, telecom strategies, business modeling and operational efficiency. This group of experts supplies a full range of solutions, from management consulting to implementation and maintenance, leveraging a strong heritage of program/project management capabilities to deliver the right solutions at the right time and at the best price.

The company operates on a global scale through several subsidiaries in Europe, a branch in the US, and a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East.

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